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Danny Max

Danny Max started his journey in high school working for a local DJ company. As time progressed he started his own DJ/MC service and eventually got into photo booths. His photo booth company soon became one of NYC’s top-rated, doing hundreds of events a year. Danny is an innovator and inventor. He needed to find a better photo booth — that’s how “Max Photo Booth Design” was founded. His early designs served his rental company quite well, but as more and more local companies asked where he got his photo booths and where they could buy one, he realized that there was a real need for a more portable lightweight photo booth. Danny switched gears from solely doing photo booth rentals, to manufacturing and selling photo booths. All Max products are manufactured in Lewes, Delaware, USA in his own CNC manufacturing facility.
“Max Photo Booth Design”, now known as “Max Design – DJ & Photo Booth Gear” gained popularity among photo booth companies across the US and eventually throughout the world — with booths sold in 6 continents! Danny exhibits at tradeshows throughout the US each year and he has also been invited to be a guest speaker. It was now time to expand to designing and manufacturing products for the DJ Industry. Danny knew that he needed to provide lightweight, attractive and portable options for DJ’s as well. Countless hours of research, consulting with top DJ Pros, designing and revisions led to the birth of a new line of Modern, Sleek DJ Consoles — “Infinity” DJ Console By Danny Max. Danny intends to expand upon this product and offer a complete line of similar style DJ and Photo Booth gear.

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