30 Day Photo Booth Social Media Plan

30 Day Social Media Plan Here is a sample 30-day social media calendar outline for your photo booth company.  This includes setting up and executing and is just a guideline to get your creative juices flowing. Add, subtract, alter as needed. The key will be to stick to the plan daily. Prep your Plan with […]

iPad vs. DSLR – What’s best for my photo booth business?

Modern digital photo booths have been around for decades. Up until recently you only had one option — a DSLR booth. The introduction of iPad based photo booths changed the industry forever. I’m going to outline some pro’s and con’s each system which, I hope, will allow you to make a better, more informed decision […]

What is a roaming photo booth?

It’s important with your photo booth business to stay current with all the newest trends and types of activations. A roaming photo booth is a fairly new concept that has gained much popularity over the past few years.  Let’s break down this blog article into three parts: 1) What is a roaming photo booth? 2) […]

Infinity L DJ Console Video Review by DJ Rachel

We could not be prouder that a big name in the DJ industry reviewed our Infinity DJ Console on Youtube. In the video, DJ Rachel walks through setting up our DJ Console / Portable Table, talking about the cool features, discusses what she likes about it, improvements that she would like to see and so […]

How to Install Your Controller in the Infinity Console

If you just got your Infinity DJ Console, congratulations on stepping up the appearance of your setup!  Now let’s get your controller installed!  Danny has put together a short video on a step by step guide to installing your DJ controller. Checkout the controller installation video here: https://youtu.be/OTSZhYA-Q2c

Infinity DJ Console DJ Furniture Booth Review

This latest review comes from Music Host Entertainment, a Wedding DJ Company in Grand Rapids Michigan.  The owner of Music Host Entertainment, Andrew Rounds, walks us through setting up this DJ Furniture Booth in under 7 minutes!  Additionally, Andrew shows us his favorite features of the Infinity DJ Console including some of the extra add on components such […]

3 Photo Booth Backup Tips and Best Practices

Running a photo booth business can be exciting, fun, rewarding and profitable. You are your own boss and control the outcome of your clients’ experience. Helping them create memories that last forever whether it is digital copies of the photos and video as well as physical prints of each moment in the booth is an honor! You […]

Capturebook Memory Book Overview

Special thanks to DJ Art Armani from Armani Entertainment, a Warrington, PA Wedding DJ Company  for putting together a brief overview of our Digital Memory Book App called Capturebook!   Capturebook is a great way to separate your photo booth company from the competition and offer a seamless fun new experience in photo booth scrapbooks.  Sending the pictures from […]